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TAESS00018 Deliver E-Learning Skill Set

Get qualified to train & assess with e-learning skills

TAESS00018 Deliver E-Learning Skill Set provides highly in-demand skills and knowledge through two Diploma level units delivered via online learning and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

This Nationally Recognised Skill Set offered by Plenty Training allows trainers and assessors to gain online e-learning skills to effectively deliver online training courses. Gain a competitive advantage with these two Diploma level TAE units dedicated to online learning!

  • Start a new career as an online trainer!
  • Gain e-learning skills which are currently in high demand!
  • Make a difference! Pass on your skills to students in remote locations!

The TAESS00018 Deliver E-Learning Skill Set addresses the skills and knowledge required to deliver e-learning in online and remote learning environments. It is suitable for individuals seeking to gain new and in demand online learning skills.

Online learning has become an extremely popular pathway for students who are looking to progress their careers via further study without the need to leave the comfort or security of home. Online learning is a dependable pathway which offers students peace of mind. When you undertake this unique Skill Set you will gain the skills required to effectively deliver online training in a time when so many providers have increased their online offerings.

The course is based on the following units from (and also provides credit towards) the TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training & TAE50216 Diploma of Training Design and Development, and other qualifications that allow for selection of these units:

  • TAEDEL501 Facilitate e-learning
  • TAEDES503 Design and develop e-learning resources


QualificationsTAESS00018 Deliver E-Learning Skill Set
Nationally Recognised?Yes
Course CodeTAESS00018
Delivery Modes
  • Distance+ course (recorded webinars)
  • RPL kit only
  • Corporate courses
  • Funding Available?Yes - ZipMoney - $0 deposit, six months interest free
    Career PathwayThe skill set is suitable for teachers and trainers who require the skills and knowledge to deliver e-learning in online and remote learning environments, including in the workplace.
    DurationStudents undertaking training have 12 months from their enrolment date to complete their studies and submit all assessment workbooks for this course. RPL candidates have 12 months from their enrolment date to complete their RPL interview and submit all required evidence. (Students may extend the duration of their enrolment on a month-by-month basis – extra fees apply as detailed in our schedule of fees). Students may complete and submit their assessment workbooks at any time during their enrolment.
    Assessment TurnaroundThe turnaround time for assessment submissions received by Plenty Training is approximately 20 working days from the date it is received. The time frame can vary depending on the number of assessment submissions being received at any given time. Once a student has been deemed competent in all units they will be issued with their qualification within 30 calendar days.
    WorkloadThe Course Workload & Assessment table available in the Units Tab above summarises the anticipated student workload as per our Training and Assessment Strategy for this qualification. This represents the notional duration of all activities required for the achievement of the learning outcomes. These figures represent a combination of all formal training delivered in this course (however students are not obligated to avail themselves of all offered training and resources), and the anticipated self-study and assessment workload for a student who has no knowledge or skills in any of the content of the delivered units.
    AssessmentAssessment methods include:
    • Observation
    • Portfolio of documents / evidence
    • Questioning
    All students receive learner's guides and assessment workbooks via our online portal. You can either work through the assessment workbooks on your computer or complete a printed version by hand.
    RPL candidates must check their suitability for RPL prior to enrolment.
    Student AuthenticityWe are obliged under the Standards for RTOs 2015 to ensure the authenticity of our students’ submitted assessment work. Students are required to: • Present a valid form of government-issued photo identification card (such as a driver’s license) for our trainer to review at the commencement of all face-to-face classes; • Include a paper or scanned copy of your government-issued photo identification when submitting any video recording of you undertaking an assessment task remotely; and • Provide us with your Unique Student Identifier (USI)
    Start DatesDistance+ course – start now – check the schedule for virtual class dates (you can then attend sessions in any order you choose)
    • RPL – Start now!
    • Corporate courses and group pricing – Enquire now!
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  • Update to TAE40116: Update from TAE40110 to the new TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
  • TAE40116: Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
  • Terms and ConditionsEnrolment into this course is as per the terms and conditions as listed in our Student Guide. Please review these terms and conditions prior to enrolment.
    Refer to our information above to familiarise yourself with the volume of learning requirements of this course as well as the turnaround time for submitted assessments before enrolling.
    Awarded byPlenty Training (RTO #32371)

    This type of learning environment offers the perfect blend of flexibility and support. Students can view recorded unit theory lessons at their own leisure and also have the opportunity to attend live trainer-led practical sessions from any location.

    The iClass+ program consists of:

    • Recorded webinars covering all unit theory (available 24/7)
    • Recorded online tutorials covering unit assessment ‘how to’ information
    • Two live and interactive online practical sessions delivered bi-monthly*
    • Fortnightly trainer-led Q&A support sessions
    • Access to live online orientation webinar

    *During each session you will interact with your trainer and fellow students. You will have the opportunity to develop drafts, network with other students and gain valuable hands-on experience with many of the assessment tasks. These practical elements will not cover any assessment tasks which are required to be observed, however, you will have the opportunity to link up with fellow attendees to complete these tasks at a later date. You can attend the same live session multiple times once you have viewed the corresponding unit theory lessons.

    The iClass+ course consists of the following components:

    1. Trainer-led and student collaboration sessions: You are able to attend live sessions which are offered bi-monthly. You can attend as many or as few sessions as your personal circumstances allow. You may re-attend live sessions as many times as is required to gain a full understanding of how to tackle assessment tasks. Sessions can be attended from anywhere provided you have a computer with a reasonable Internet connection, webcam and audio functionality. During each session you will have the opportunity to develop drafts, network with other students and gain valuable hands-on experience with many of the assessment tasks. These practical elements will not cover any assessment tasks which are required to be observed, however, you will have the opportunity to link up with fellow attendees to complete these tasks at a later date. You can view the schedule for all upcoming sessions here.

    The webinars will run in the following order:

    • Session 1: TAEDES503 Design and Develop E-Learning Resources (8:30am – 12:30pm)
    • Session 2: TAEDEL501 Facilitate E-Learning (1:00pm – 5:00pm)

    In addition to these webinars, you also have access to recorded online tutorials covering unit assessment ‘how to’ information, and fortnightly trainer-led Q&A support sessions.

    2. Recorded unit theory lessons: You are able to view several recorded lessons covering the unit theory, multiple lessons are available for each of the two units in this course. Recorded unit theory lessons are available 24/7 and can be viewed as many times as necessary to understand the content as required.

    3. Out-of-class activities: You must undertake assessment activities outside the virtual session time. This time will vary from student to student, but may be an average of 16 hours per unit of competency.

    4. Independent learning and assessment activities: Students will reflect on, consider and, where possible, integrate their learning into their professional practice.

    (Note: All webinar sessions (including any verbal contribution made by you) will be recorded and may subsequently be used as a pre-recorded webinar for access by other students. However no personal details are made available from the recording.)

    This type of learning environment provides students with the opportunity to work through the course material at their own pace. Students gain access to a wealth of recorded resources including recorded lessons and recorded ‘how to’ information sessions.

    Students also have access to fortnightly Q&A study support sessions and can attend as many as required. To get started on the right foot students will also have access to a live online orientation webinar.

    The Distance+ course consists of a combination of:

    • Self-paced learning and assessment: Distance learning students access their learning materials electronically, interact with their instructors and assessors via telephone or email, and submit their completed assessments via the Learner Portal. Your Learner Guide and Assessment Workbook is included in the Learner Portal, and you will work through these at your own pace.
    • Independent learning and assessment activities: Wherever possible, it will be beneficial to consider and integrate your learning into your professional practice.

    Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a suitable pathway if you can provide evidence that you have all of the skills, knowledge and experience in the units for this skill set. Our online TAESS00018 RPL Kit is the first step in assessing you against the requirements.

    RPL is an assessment only process that is designed for those who possess substantial existing skills and knowledge in a specific industry. It allows people to obtain a qualification by demonstrating their competence in these skills without first having to be trained. Our RPL kits are based on a combination of evidence submission and a competency interview conducted via phone. Please speak with one of our friendly staff on 1800 786 651 to confirm if you are eligible to enrol via this pathway.

    We are the preferred supplier to a number of large Australian corporations, and our feedback is excellent. We can deliver comprehensive classes that suit the schedules of your staff. Please contact us on 1800 786 651 to discuss your requirements or simply complete our corporate enquiry form and we will be in touch soon.

    TAESS00018 FAQ’s

    Do you have any questions about the new TAESS00018 Skill Set, our course options or our assessment processes? If so, you can check out the answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions HERE.

    If you can’t find the answers you are looking for be sure to make the most of our live-chat platform below or give us a call on 1800 786 651.

    As part of this unit students will find someone to be a client and discuss at least two potential e-learning resources that could be developed (these can be colleagues or friends to simulate they if you do not have a real employer or client who currently requires the development of e-learning resources). Following that discussion students will conduct further research and document this in a brief along with the student’s recommendations. The student will then present their brief and recommendations back to their clients.

    Once the student has their tacit approval they will develop project plans for both resources. Students will then complete the development of at least one of those e-learning resources.

    Students will have the chance to reflect on their process and design beginning to end and consider what they would potentially do differently next time.

    Please be aware of the below interaction requirements for all TAESS00018 Skill Set students:

    • Access to at least one person to act as a client
    • Access to at least two end-users to trial your resource and provide written feedback
    • Presentation of brief back to clients must be recorded and submitted for assessment

    As part of this unit students get to deliver an e-learning program to at least two learners, utilising a range of e-learning tools and activities over time to monitor their progress, allowing them the opportunity to interact with the learners while they enhance their skills and knowledge.

    Once the student has planned their program and appropriate e-learning tools, methods and requirements to meet the needs of their learners and the desired outcomes they are ready to implement their program.

    Students will provide their learners with an induction/onboarding session to the technology and program. Students must also provide evidence of how they have monitored their learners progress and that they have completed the program.

    Please be aware of the below interaction requirements for all TAESS00018 Skill Set students:

    • Access to two learners (these can be friends, family or colleagues)
    • Provide your two learners with the opportunity to interact with each other
    • Induction must be recorded and submitted for assessment

    iClass+ and Distance+ course: The following entry prerequisites apply to all students undertaking this course:

    • It is recommended that students have access to a workplace (or simulated workplace) where they are able to undertake several activities as part of their course,
    • It is also recommended that students have been within the VET sector workplace for at least 12 months prior to commencing this course

    RPL prerequisites: You will be required to demonstrate that you have the prior skills, knowledge and experience prior to enrolment.

    Digital prerequisites – all students: You must have access to a computer (with Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word installed) and a reliable Internet connection to access your learning documentation. You will also require access to a video recording device (such as a webcam or smart phone) to record yourself undertaking certain assessment activities. You must be comfortable using technology to locate information and research topics – for example to find a copy of a regulation using Google –  and in using the main features and functions of digital tools (such as word processing programs, email and printers) to complete work tasks. You must also have an understanding of how to use Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader, be able to download, scan and upload documents, and know how to access online materials.

    • LLN prerequisites – all students: All students must possess the following language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) abilities:
    • Learning ability: You must be comfortable using your experience to reflect on ways that variables impact outcomes, and identify future improvements.  You must be self-directing, able to manage your own learning, and be able to plan and balance multiple requirements and meet deadlines.
    • English reading ability: You must be comfortable reading and interpreting a range of documentation relevant to the subject – this includes organisational policies and procedures and assessment instructions.
    • English writing ability:  You will be required to draft and develop various documents using appropriate format and language for the context and the audience. You must be comfortable writing documents such as formal documents, including instructions, information updates and completing report templates.
    • English speaking ability: You will be required to participate in verbal exchanges using clear language and appropriate tone and syntax to provide relevant information.  You must be able to use active listening and questioning to elicit views and opinions of others.