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Rediscover Assessment Constructs

Professional Development: Rediscover Assessment Constructs

Professional development for trainers and assessors

The Vocational Education and Training (VET) Sector is crucial to the ongoing success of skill and knowledge transfer within Australia. As a qualified trainer and assessor it is important you are continuously developing your own skills to not only offer your students the learning experience they deserve, but also to meet the requirements set out within the Standards for RTOs 2015, specifically Clause 1.16.

Clause 1.16 states: The RTO ensures that all trainers and assessors undertake professional development in the fields of the knowledge and practice of vocational training, learning and assessment including competency-based training and assessment.

As TAE experts our rediscovery courses tackle the three core elements of the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment package – design, delivery and assessment.

Rediscover assessment constructs

Can your processes and practices when you conduct assessment stand up to scrutiny? It’s important they can!

We operate within an industry where we are all too familiar with seeing Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) being closed down. Assessment is a major player when it comes to compliance so be sure to take advantage of our three-hour Rediscover assessment constructs course to ensure your skills are up to scratch.

Having high-quality assessment resources and processes is not all about striving to be compliant. Ensuring your candidates understand what you are training and also that they become competent is equally as important. As a trainer and assessor, the successful transfer of skills and knowledge is the essence of your role.

The learning outcomes of this course are designed to help you tackle what
can sometimes be an intimidating component of the training and assessment role.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the Rules of evidence and Principles of assessment
  • Identify what must be assessed in a unit of competency
  • Utilise the Companion volumes when developing assessment tools
  • Access and utilise ASQA’s Guide to developing assessment tools
  • Review the key points of an Observation checklist
  • Explain the requirements to planning and undertaking the assessment
  • Discuss the key points when applying a Credit Transfer

Our three-hour Rediscover Assessment Constructs Professional Development course is delivered online via the easy to use Zoom platform. Your Rediscover Assessment Constructs course will consist of:

  • Three-hour zoom session covering assessment processes and practices
  • Complimentary e-book from published author Carl Mocnik
  • Handout of webinar slides from the course

You can view the schedule for our Professional Development courses HERE.

Bundle and SAVE!

Our Rediscovery package is the perfect way to rediscover more than one element of the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment package.

The Rediscovery professional development courses available include:

Rediscover Design Concepts
Rediscover Delivery Skills
Rediscover Assessment Constructs

Bundle prices:

Courses Cost
Purchase two x Rediscovery Courses $499 SAVE $99
Purchase three x Rediscovery Courses $699 SAVE $198

To secure your Rediscovery package price please call our office on 1800 786 651 to speak with one of our Course Advisors.

All participants must possess good language, literacy and numeracy abilities.

To attend a rediscovery course and access our online learning materials, all participants are required to have a working email address and access to a computer. Attendees are required to have a computer with Internet access. Attendees must also have access to a headset which plugs into their computer so they can hear and ask questions, and a webcam to interact with other attendees and the trainer.