TAE50116 for TAE50216 holders - Award of the TAE50116 for TAE50211/TAE50216 Holders


Gain a competitive edge in the lucrative VET sector with the highly sought-after TAE50116!
Improve your marketability by holding TWO TAE Diplomas! 

Do you hold the TAE50211 / TAE50216 Diploma of Training Design and Development and would like to improve your marketability with the highly sought-after TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education & Training

With limited providers certified to deliver both TAE Diplomas, we have been assisting many of Australia's trainers and assessors to gain a second TAE Diploma by adding the TAE50116 to their resume. 

This process is most suited to individuals who only require full unit gap training for one or two units, most commonly the TAELLN501 Support the Development of Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills unit

These qualifications satisfy the prerequisite to deliver and assess the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or any assessor skill set from the TAE training package.

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Advantages of attaining the TAE50116?

There are good reasons to attain the new TAE50116 qualification:

  • Quickly gain a new and up-to-date TAE diploma qualification to maintain your marketability and currency.
  • Gain access to your digital transcripts from the Commonwealth's new national training register using the Unique Student Identifier (USI) scheme. (Only available for post-2014 qualifications). This links all of your student information in one place.
  • We charge a one-off fee to verify your USI, recent experience and current Diploma, and then issue your new Diploma and load your results to the USI database.

How does it work? 

Our streamlined process is based upon National Recognition Principals and the completion of required full unit training. 

To attain this additional Diploma you must hold all six core units for the TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education & Training. Required full unit training will vary based upon the elective units that you possess (based on your TAE50211 / TAE50216 Diploma transcript). Full unit training may be required for up to four units, however you may already hold all core units of the TAE50116 resulting in no full unit training being required.  

This pathway is most suited to individuals who only require one or two units of full unit training, most commonly the TAELLN501 Support the Development of Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills unit


Award of TAE50116 for TAE50211 / TAE50216 Holders:  $795 base price

Full unit TAELLN501 training:  $395 Class / $345 Virtual class (webinar) / $345 RPL

Additional full unit training: $345 Virtual class (webinar) per unit / $345 RPL per unit

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Further Info:

Quick Facts


TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training



  • RPL kit only
  • RPL plus face-to-face plus virtual (webinar-based) online training
  • RPL plus Virtual (webinar-based) training plus online learning

Click HERE for current delivery locations (these may change from time to time).

Duration Students undertaking training have 18 months from their enrolment date to complete their studies and submit all assessment workbooks for this course. RPL candidates have 12 months from their enrolment date to complete their RPL interview and submit all required evidence.  (Students may extend the duration of their enrolment on a month-by-month basis – extra fees apply as detailed in our schedule of fees.)  Students may complete and submit their assessment workbooks at any time during their enrolment.
The turnaround time for assessment submissions received by Plenty Training is approximately 20 working days from the date it is received. This time frame can vary depending on the number of assessment submissions being received at any given time. 
Once a student is deemed competent in all units they will be issued with their qualification within 30 calendar days.

This delivery option is most commonly undertaken by individuals who only require the TAELLN501 Suport the Development of Adult Language, Literacy, and Numeracy Skills unit. To view the workload for this unit please visit our dedicated course page HERE.

The following table summarises the anticipated student workload as per our Training and Assessment Strategy for the entire Dual TAE50116 / TAE50216 qualification (10 units in total). This represents the notional duration of all activities required for the achievement of the learning outcomes.  These figures represent a combination of all formal training delivered in this course (however students are not obligated to avail themselves of all offered training and resources), and the anticipated self-study and assessment workload for a student who has no knowledge or skills in any of the content of the delivered units. 

Students undertaking the TAE50116 via this delivery option will only complete up to four units. Please note the hours below are representative of students undertaking training for the full course (10 units). 


Assessment methods may include:

  • Direct observation
  • Product-based methods
  • Portfolio
  • Questioning
  • Third-party testimonial

NOTE: Candidates should ideally be working in the VET sector or have access to VET learners. Refer to notes in prerequisite section.

RPL candidates must check their suitability for RPL prior to enrolment.

Student authenticity

We are obliged under the Standards for RTOs 2015 to ensure the authenticity of our students’ submitted assessment work.  Students are required to:

  • A. Present a valid form of government-issued photo identification card (such as a driver’s license) for our trainer to review at the commencement of all face-to-face classes;
  • B. Include a paper or scanned copy of your government-issued photo identification when submitting any video recording of you undertaking an assessment task remotely; and
  • C. Provide us with your Unique Student Identifier (USI)
  • Intensive+ face-to-face workshop plus online learning – Check schedule below for course dates
  • Virtual+ class plus online learning – Check schedule for start dates (you can then attend sessions in any order you choose)
  • RPL – Start now!
  • Corporate courses and group pricing – Enquire now!
Plenty Training, RTO # 32371


Prerequisites exist for this delivery option:

  1. You must already possess the TAE50211 or TAE50216  Diploma of Training Design & Development.
  2. You must have maintained currency of your training and assessment knowledge since the award of your TAE50211/TAE50216 qualification.
  3. You must have access to a former employer, supervisor, or other third party who can attest to your most recent employment history.
  4. You will require access to a computer which is internet enabled and has Microsoft Word installed.
  5. Students must be engaged in a workplace relating to VET-sector training and assessment activities or similar.  This is because you should have the following experience and evidence to satisfy unit assessment requirements, or else have the ability to obtain this in your current role or organisation during your course. Depending on the units listed on your TAE50216 Diploma qualification you may be required to provide following evidence:
  • Assessed 20 candidates against at least one unit of competency.  (However if this is problematic we can provide the 20 candidates for you.)
  • Undertaken 50 assessments based on one or more units of competency and documented the outcomes. (However if this is problematic we can provide the assessments for you to complete.)
  • Conducted a minimum of 100 hours of group facilitation
  • Collect feedback of your training from at least two peers and 10 learners, and deliver feedback to your peers.

RPL candidates:  You will be required to demonstrate that you have prior skills, knowledge and experience in leading or managing VET-sector activities and/or designing and developing VET-sector resources such as learning strategies and assessment tools. Candidates should ideally be working in the VET sector or have access to VET learners. It is a requirement to provide evidence of having assessed 20 candidates in the VET sector upon submission of your assessment workbook as part of your project. All RPL candidates MUST be deemed eligible to undertake RPL prior to enrolling.

General entry, you must have:

  • An appropriate level of English language skill which is important to the likelihood of participant success
  • Access to the internet 
  • Access to a video and audio recording device such as a smart phone or web cam
  • An understanding of how to use Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader, be able to download, scan and upload documents, and know how to access online materials.

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