TAESS000XX Update your old TAE Skill Set

Update your superseded TAE Skill Set using our streamlined update process

Update any of the following superseded TAE Skill Sets to the current versions using our streamlined RPL / RCC & gap training update process:

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How do I start?

The first step is to check your eligibility by completing one of our online eligibility assessment forms:

Each form takes only a couple of minutes to complete and submit.

What's involved?

TAESS00011 Assessor Skill Set:  The new TAESS00011 Assessor Skill Set consists of four units – three of which are updated units from the superseded Skill Set (two of which are not equivalent) – and one new unit:

TAESS00014 Enterprise Trainer - Presenting Skill Set:  The TAESS00014 consists of two units of competency:

  • TAEDEL301 Provide work skill instruction. This new unit supersedes but is equivalent to the old unit TAEDEL301A Provide work skill instruction.
  • BSBCMM401 Make a presentation. This new unit supersedes but is equivalent to the old unit BSBCMM401A Make a presentation.

Thus there is no assessment work required of students to upgrade this Skill Set. You simply need to submit the eligibility form and a copy of your old Statement of Attainment for the units, and we will contact you about enrolling and paying the fee to update this Skill Set.

TAESS00015 Enterprise Trainer and Assessor Skill Set:  The new TAESS00015 Enterprise Trainer and Assessor Skill Set consists of four units – two of which are not equivalent to their superseded units:


The cost of each Skill Set upgrade is:

  • TAESS00011 Assessor Skill Set upgrade via RCC1 , RPL2 and gap training:  $399.3, 4
  • TAESS00014 Enterprise Trainer - Presenting Skill Set upgrade via RCC1: $399.3
  • TAESS00015 Enterprise Trainer and Assessor Skill Set upgrade via RCC1 , RPL2 and gap training:  $399.3

Note 1: RCC stands for Recognition of Current Competence which a component of National Recognition Principles.  This means that we will give credit for a previously completed unit where it is superseded and equivalent to the new unit.

Note 2: RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning and is a process that allows us to assess students without requiring them to first undertake training. This is suitable for those who already possess the knowledge, skills and competencies described within the unit.

Note 3: GST is not applicable as per Australian Taxation Office ruling.

Note 4: The TAESS00011 Assessor Skill Set has added the new unit TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools. If you do not hold either of units TAEASS502, TAEASS502A or TAEASS502B then an additional charge applies to undertake training or RPL in this unit. The following additional fees apply if you do not hold units TAEASS502, TAEASS502A or TAEASS502B:

  • TAEASS502 via RPL: $345 additional fee applies; or
  • TAEASS502 via half-day virtual class / webinar (plus online learning): $345 additional fee applies; or
  • TAEASS502 via full-day face-to-face class: $395 additional fee applies..

Payment options include:

  • Credit card
  • Direct Deposit
  • zipMoney six-month interest-free payment plan

Submit Enquiry

Submit an Enquiry

  • RPL

Further Info:

Quick Facts

Finance available? Yes - $0 deposit, 6 months interest free via zipMoney
Delivery modes
  • RPL
  • Gap training if required
RPL/upgrade duration 12 months
Assessment turnaround The turnaround time for assessment submissions received by Plenty Training is approximately 20 working days from the date it is received. The time frame can vary depending on the number of assessment submissions being received at any given time. 
Once a student has been deemed competent in all units they will be issued with their qualification within 30 calendar days. 
Workload Assessment candidates typically take between one and 12 hours to complete the credit transfer / RPL gap assessment workbooks, dependant upon the exact number of units for which full or partial RPL is required, and the nature of the gap knowledge and evidence that is required. 

Recognition of Prior Learning

Start dates
  • RPL - Start now!
Awarded by Plenty Training, RTO # 32371


Prerequisites exist for this upgrade:

  1. You must already possess the relevant Skill Set.
  2. You will require access to a computer which is internet enabled and has Microsoft Word installed.
  3. You must have maintained your professional development since the award of your Skill Set, such as ongoing employment, attendance at conferences or seminars, research, newsletters, etc.
  4. You must have access to a former employer or supervisor who can attest to your professional experience as a trainer and assessor.

You must have:

  • An appropriate level of English language skill which is important to the likelihood of participant success
  • Access to the internet 
  • Access to a video and audio recording device such as a smart phone or web cam
  • An understanding of how to use Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader, be able to download, scan and upload documents, and know how to access online materials.

Career Pathways

There are a number of job role opportunities available to those who hold this nationally recognised qualification, including Vocational Education Teacher, Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Trainer, and Training Advisor.

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