Fee Schedule

Refer to each course page for individual course costs. 

The following miscellaneous fees apply to all courses:

 1. Return of a completed / submitted assessment workbook to you by post
 2. Replacement certificate
 3. Course extension (one month) - full qualification course
 4. Course extension (one month) - single unit$50
 5. Course extension (six month) - full qualification course$450
 6. Course extension (six month) - single unit$150
 7. Two additional assessment submissions per single unit of competence.
 8. Printed TAE50116/TAE50216 learners’ guide (Note 4) (Note 5)
 9. TAE40116 learners’ guide "Training the Trainer": Order from saa.edu.au$75
 10. Printed assessment workbook (for entire qualification) (Note 4) (Note 5)$110
 11. Printed learners’ guide or assessment workbook (for single unit) (Note 4) (Note 5)
 12. Class transfers requested more than two weeks ahead of class commencementNil
 13. Single unit enrolment class transfers requested within two weeks of a class commencement$50
 14. Full course enrolment class transfers requested within two weeks of a class commencement$250
 15. Second RPL application for a unit of competency (when enrolled in a full qualification and you have already made your first RPL application) (Note 6)$100



1.These products and services are supplied under our standard terms and conditions.

2. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is exempt from most of our products and services under the Australian Taxation Office ruling GSTR 2003/1 ‘Goods and Services Tax’.

3. All fees are subject to change without notice.

4. Printed course manuals are included in the price for face-to-face classes.

5. Includes postage within Australia.

6. This is detailed in section 24.of our student guide  This charge only applies after an initial application of RPL has been approved and undertaken by a student who is already enrolled in a course and has already undertaken their first unit RPL.

7. All prices are in Australian dollars