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Mandatory course durations are on the table!

One of the topics discussed by ASQA’s Chief Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer Mark Paterson at the recent ASQA training provider briefing sessions was course duration. ASQA initiated a national strategic review in response to concerns, raised through its regulatory findings and previous strategic reviews that unduly short training prevented some learners from gaining the skills and competencies required to be certified as competent from VET courses. The findings of this strategic review have now been published.

The review found that in competency-based training systems there are still circumstances in which mandating duration is seen as one necessary means of regulating quality where there is a risk of unduly short training.

It also found that the regulation of duration in VET is complex and confusing; that the requirements are different across the two different types of nationally recognised training products; and that there is insufficient consistently-presented and comparable information available to enable VET consumers to make informed choices between RTOs.

ASQA has made three broad recommendations to address the issues identified, including changes to the way course duration is regulated. All VET sector stakeholders are encouraged to read the report and the recommendations.