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Plenty Payment Plan – Fortnightly instalments!

Low upfront payment. Fortnightly instalments. No approval needed!

There are plenty of payment options when it comes to enrolling in your desired TAE course with Plenty.

Our new direct deposit payment plans have been highly anticipated by many soon-to-be trainer and assessors and we are thrilled they are now available on all of our full TAE courses.

Our new payment plans are designed to help individuals invest in their future without having to worry about any financial stress that a larger payment may cause.

We know how important a new qualification can be when it comes to reaching your career, financial or personal goals. This is why we are all about having payment options available where you don’t have to trade some of the luxuries you enjoy to reach your goals, whatever they may be.

What do our direct deposit payment plans look like?

Our direct deposit payment plans are a cost-effective way to get started with your studies sooner rather than later.

Upon enrolment you will be required to pay an initial upfront deposit to secure your position in the course. Your remaining course fees will be paid in fortnightly instalments over a ten-month period (excluding six-month courses).

Here is an example of what a TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment – Virtual + Class payment plan would look like:

  1. Initial upfront payment of $499 to secure your position in the course,
  2. Manageable fortnightly payments of $72.05 (or $36.93 per week) over a ten month period,
  3. Total course payment of $1,940

Our direct deposit payment plans are a fantastic payment alternative and provide students with great flexibility when it comes to the financial side of their studies. It is important to note that course fees displayed on the website are a reflection of the fees due when students pay their course upfront and do not use this payment plan alternative. By taking advantage of the flexibility our direct deposit payment plan offers you will expect to pay an additional $250 on top of the listed course fee over the lifetime of your payment plan.

Our standard payment terms are an upfront payment and fortnightly instalments over ten-months (excluding six-month course). If you wish to arrange different payment terms please speak with a Course Advisor and we can discuss your options.

What are the upfront fees?

The upfront fees for our direct deposit payment plans differ depending on your desired full course pathway. To keep things simple we have divided our courses into two categories:

Distance+ courses and Virtual+ Classes – Initial upfront payment of $499

Intensive+ Classes and interactive iClass+ courses – Initial upfront payment of $1,100

Our direct deposit payment plans are currently only available for full course enrolments into our TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment or TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education & Training and TAE50216 Diploma of Training Design & Development.


Q. Why is there an initial upfront payment required?
A. An initial upfront payment is required for our direct deposit payment plan to secure your enrolment into the course. When you secure your enrolment the upfront fee ensures that any expenses that will be incurred as a result of your enrolment are covered, for example attending class.

Q. Why will the course cost slightly more if I pay via a direct deposit payment plan? 
A. If you elect to pay for your course via our direct deposit payment plan you can expect to pay an additional $250 over the lifetime of your payment plan. This additional fee allows us to manage your fortnightly payments over the lifetime of your plan.

Q. What if I finish my studies before the ten-month payment plan finishes?
A. Your certificate will be issued to you once full payment of your course has been made. If you finish your studies prior to completing your fortnightly payments you can arrange to pay the remaining balance of your course fees and your certificate will be issued.

Q. Fortnightly instalments don’t suit me. Are there any other options? 
A. Our standard direct deposit payment plans are fortnightly over a ten-month period. If you wish to pay on a weekly basis or over a different length of time please contact our office on 1800 786 651 to discuss your options.

Q. What is the difference between your direct deposit payment plan and zipMoney or QuickaPay? 
A. Our direct deposit payment plans do not require you to go through an approval process prior to enrolling with us. Think of it like joining a gym (for your mind)! We are setting up your direct deposit so you can pay us in instalments rather than upfront. We do not need to view your credit history or be provided with your bank login details like many third party payment plan providers.

If this payment plan is not quite what you are looking for, be sure to check out our alternative payment plan option below:

For more information on zipMoney CLICK HERE

Direct deposit payment plans are only available on full course enrolments made over the phone with a Course Advisor. An initial upfront payment of $499 or $1,100 is required to secure your enrolment and the remaining balance of the course will be paid in fortnightly instalments over a ten-month period (unless stated otherwise). Payment of all scheduled fee instalments is required to secure ongoing access to the course materials via the Learner Portal. If you default on your payment plan, access to your course and the marking of your assessments will cease immediately. Once we have received outstanding payments you will regain access to your course so long as you are within your enrolment period. Payment plans are not available for discounted courses. View our terms and conditions here.