Drone Pilot Trainer

Marty Westguard

"It’s something I love, something I am passionate about"


“It’s something I love, something I am passionate about”

Meet Marty.

As part of the team at UAVAIR, Marty turned a gift he received from his wife into a career training the Certificate III in Aviation.

Selling consumer electronics was Marty’s world for most of his life, and like many individuals, he was ready to get out of the sales industry. A gift from Marty’s wife in 2015 sparked his passion for Drones whilst an idea to begin training and assessing allowed him to turn his passion into a job.

When Marty became qualified, he already had a company in mind which he wanted to speak to. After reaching out via email Marty received a response straight away and was working for them within a matter of weeks.

Marty is enjoying working with both adults and students teaching aviation and has some fantastic opportunities ahead of him to progress within the business or to become Chief Remote Pilot.

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment opened the door to Marty working with something he loves and is passionate about.

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