If you are thinking of starting your learning journey with Plenty Training, our most supported pathway is our Intensive+ Classes which combine a fun, action-packed face-to-face class (run over five to 12 days depending upon the course) to tackle the practical elements of your studies, interactive online iClasses+, and self-paced learning and assessment over the duration of your course.

Our Intensive+ Classes are a fantastic way to experience the best of face-to-face learning, interactive online learning and self-paced learning all in one pathway. This varied experience is a great way to become a well-rounded trainer or to discover where your passion really lies!


What’s included:

The Intensive+ class program consists of:

  • Fun yet intensive face-to-face classes to tackle the practical assessments included as part of your chosen course.
  • Interactive trainer-led online iClasses+ to cover TAEASS402 and TAELLN411 (if applicable to your course).
  • Pre-class activities to ensure you can make the most of your time the face-to-face class.
  • Access to recorded unit theory Lessons available 24/7 in your Learner Portal.
  • Access to recorded online tutorials covering unit assessment ‘how to’ information.
  • Regular trainer-led study support sessions (highly recommended).
  • Online orientation webinar to kick-start your studies.

The Intensive+ class option is our most supported training option and provides students with comprehensive support both in the classroom as well as through extensive online training and resources.

We usually provide tea, coffee and water during the in-class sessions. Catering is not provided and students are encouraged to bring their own non-refrigerated snacks and lunch, or else lunch can also be purchased from locations close to the venue. Our venues are air-conditioned, so you may wish to bring a jacket to ensure your comfort.

We strongly recommend students bring a laptop to class to complete their workbooks during class time. A hard-copy of the workbooks is available for those unable to bring a laptop.

What to expect:

It’s really important to head into a class with the right frame of mind and to have a good understanding of what will and won’t be completed in your chosen course:

  • The trainer will cover the practical assessment activities^;
  • You will make a start on your unit workbooks, however, you will not finish these in class time and short answer questions are completed via the self-paced portion of your course;
  • You will not be able to complete the whole course by the end of the class.

We consistently get very positive feedback from students attending our classes, and we look forward to having you along to one of our many class options in the near future.

^A practical assessment activity is defined as an assessment task where you must have access to other individuals, groups or a qualified trainer and assessor to meet the task requirements. For example short answer questions are not considered a practical activity.