Meet our graduates

Meet some of our TAE graduates to discover how their course has positively contributed towards reaching or recognising their career goals, and find out more about their unique journey. It’s amazing how the TAE has impacted so many everyday people from all walks of life. Maybe one of our graduates can inspire you to kickstart your learning journey and turn your passion into a career?

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Heather Smith
Mental Illness First Aid Trainer

Learning how to deliver information in a sensible way has helped me to help other people save lives

Tania Marsh
Marriage Celebrant Trainer

I’ve been able to use what I learnt in that course in every day of my life

Athol Wark
Head of Birrgal – Hospitality Academy of Excellence

It puts me in a position to make a formal difference with training and assessing in our industry, I have an opportunity to make real change.

Marty Westguard
Drone Pilot Trainer

It’s something I love, something I am passionate about

Lisa North
Trainer & Assessor

It’s so great to be part of something so much bigger than you

Mohamed Elhammamy
E-Learning Designer

I wouldn’t have the confidence to apply for those opportunities without the Diploma

Jen Lewin
Talent & Development Specialist

I have become someone that people come to in the organisation to support them or their teams

Muhammad Ahmed
Senior Environmental Health & Safety Specialist

The best value for money is not the certificate that I got, but the skills that I really learned

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