Training & Dev Warrant Officer ADF

Ricky Gilmour

"I get to influence the next generation of leaders"


“I’ve moved into now a position where I design, develop and have a real influence on how training is delivered to young minds, and I get to influence the next generation of leaders”

Meet Ricky.

As the Training and Development Warrant Officer for the Land Warfare Centre in Canunrga, Ricky has an important role in shaping the future of young soldiers transitioning into leadership roles.

After joining the Australian Army as a tank soldier in 2007, Ricky’s first position at the Land Warfare Centre instructing the corporals was just the tip of the iceberg in his training and assessing career. Like many individuals new to the idea of training, Ricky thought his job was simply to stand in front of a room and deliver information.

Experience in the role led Ricky to pursue the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment so he could upskill and educate himself on the process of how assessments tools were developed.

This process of becoming qualified pushed Ricky to develop professionally and clearly outlined the standard he needed to achieve.

Set up for success, Ricky now influences the next generation of leaders in the Australian Army when they are just at the beginning of their leadership journeys. Ricky’s influence will be felt not only by those transitioning into leadership positions, but also the soldiers they will be leading.

The benefits felt from the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment in the Australian Army have spread beyond Ricky’s individual experience as he also organised corporate training for several of his team.

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