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Pathway Glossary

Every individual is different which is why we have plenty of pathway and study options to suit the needs of our students. For your convenience we have created a summary of our fantastic class, pathway and support types so you can make an informed decision when it comes to your studies.

Whether you are a current student or are looking for the right TAE provider for your studies be sure to reach out to our team with any questions you may have. We are only an email or phone call away!


Intensive+ Classes:

Intensive+ Classes are extremely popular and delivered via a blend of face-to-face, online interactive, and online self-paced learning. This pathway is our most supported option providing students with the opportunity to tackle practical assessment tasks within a traditional classroom environment with their peers.

Intensive+ Class students also have access to Virtual+ Classes and self-paced unit theory lessons (described below). Essentially our Intensive+ Class students get access to the best features that each pathway has to offer!

Our Intensive+ Classes are available for our TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment course via public classes. Custom Intensive+ Classes can be arranged for any of the TAE courses we have on offer for corporate groups of eight or more.

If you are looking for support on your TAE journey and crave in-person learning, then this is the pathway for you.


Virtual+ Classes: 

Virtual+ Classes offer the perfect blend of flexibility and support to students regardless of their location. Delivered via live and interactive online sessions, students who attend a Virtual+ Class will benefit from trainer-led discussions, participation in group collaboration activities, the opportunity to network with other students, develop drafts and gain valuable hands-on experience with many of the assessment tasks.

Students who attend a Virtual+ Class will not cover any assessment tasks required to be observed by a qualified trainer.

If you are looking for a balance of flexibility and support throughout your TAE studies and have some confidence with independent learning, this is the pathway for you.


Distance+ Course:

Distance+ courses offer the ultimate in flexibility for students who are self-motivated and eager to work through the course materials at their own pace.

Students undertaking a Distance+ course access their learning materials electronically, interact with their instructors and assessors via telephone or email, and submit their completed assessments via the student Learner Portal.

All learning and assessment activities are completed in the student’s own time with the exception of unit TAEASS402 Assess Competence (if applicable).

If you are looking for complete flexibility and are comfortable with independent learning, this pathway is for you. This pathway is also the most competitive price wise.

Our Distance+ course is generally delivered over the standard 12-month course duration, however, TAE40116 full course and Teacher’s RPL+GAP students can elect either a six-month or 12-month course duration. For TAE Dual Diploma and TAE50216 Diploma students enrolled in the Distance+ course or Virtual+ Classes an 18-month enrolment duration is standard.


Optional face-to-face workshops:

Optional face-to-face workshops are available for purchase for TAE40116 Virtual+ Class and Distance+ course students. Optional face-to-face workshops are a fantastic option for students who are looking to customise their learning experience and get extra support where needed.

Optional face-to-face workshops are purchased per cluster (design, delivery and assessment) depending on what support is needed. During these workshops students have the chance to complete the practical assessment activities included within the units covered in that cluster.

These workshops are designed for students who want access to as little or as much support as they need throughout their course.


iClass+ course:

iClass+ courses are delivered via the interactive Adobe Connect platform by an experienced trainer. During these sessions students will actively participate in an online classroom environment with other students and will have the opportunity to complete practical assessment tasks in the online iClass+ setting.

iClasses+ are as close as a student can get to a face-to-face learning experience without having to leave the comfort or security of home.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):

Recognition of Prior Learning is an assessment only process for individuals who already possess all the training and assessment skills, experience, and knowledge for their desired qualification. Certain eligibility requirements are needed to complete a course via RPL, and each student is required to complete and submit a free RPL eligibility application kit prior to enrolment.


Corporate Training: 

Corporate training solutions are available for all our TAE courses and can be customised to suit any companies needs. Corporate training can be delivered face-to-face or via one of our fantastic online options.

We are the preferred supplier to several large and small Australian corporations and are proud of the many return clients that we have assisted over the years. Customised corporate training solutions are available for groups of eight or more.


Study / Q&A Sessions:

Live trainer-led weekly or fortnightly Study / Q& A sessions are included in all enrolments. Students can attend as many sessions as they like throughout the duration of their course where they are able to have any questions about the course answered.

Students are encouraged to attend whether they have questions or not as a range of topics are usually covered during a session prompting students to gain a great understanding of concepts included in their course.



One-on-one tutorials are available to all students at a fee per hour. Tutorials are a great way to get one-on-one coaching for any units included within a course from one of our expert TAE trainers.

Tutorials can be used to cover a range of topics including but not limited to questions about assessment tasks, training of concepts or observations of tasks that only require one additional attendee.


Credit Transfer: 

Credit transfers are available for students who already hold a unit within a qualification or Statement of Attainment in a currently endorsed training package. Students may apply to credit transfer a unit rather than completing the unit again. Any student who wished to credit transfer a unit must provide a copy of their transcript to ensure the unit meets current standards and is academically equivalent.