The TAE50122 Diploma of Vocational Education & Training is here!
Posted: 13 January 2023

The TAE50122 Diploma of Vocational Education & Training is here!   The TAE50122 Diploma of Vocational Education & Training was officially released on in December 2022. This release means the Diploma of Vocational...

The TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment is here!
Posted: 16 December 2022

The TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment is here!   Yes, you read that right. The TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment has officially been released on This release means the TAE40116 Certificate...

Building your ideal career with the TAE
Posted: 22 November 2022

Building your ideal career with the TAE. Pave the way to career success with Plenty Training and the TAE40122 qualification. The Certificate IV in Training & Assessment is more than just a qualification to add to your resume. Your new skills can...

The clock is ticking…now is the time to update to the TAE40116
Posted: 12 October 2022

The clock is ticking…now is the time to update to the TAE40116. If you have been holding off on updating your old TAE40110 to the current TAE40116, then the upcoming release of the TAE40122 (due to be released in December) should be enough to get...

A new career in training awaits!
Posted: 02 June 2022

Become a trainer and assessor! Your wealth of knowledge and experience sets you up for an exciting career as a trainer with the TAE40122 qualification.   If you have a passion for working with people, a genuine interest in the learning process...

ASQA changes assessment method definitions
Posted: 10 March 2022

ASQA recently updated its document “Guide to assessment tools” Version 0.1, September 2021) located at Of note is that the ‘Portfolio of Documents’ method has been deleted,...

The rise of online learning
Posted: 06 May 2021

What a year it has been! The rise of e-learning not only around Australia but the entire world has been a necessity that no-one saw coming. Despite the circumstances that brought on this shift in course delivery we have a hunch that e-learning is...

What is vocational placement?
Posted: 09 October 2020

Is the daunting prospect of vocational placement on your mind? The good news is, when you ask the right questions and carefully choose your TAE provider, vocational placement should not be on your mind at all! All Registered Training Organisations...

Six characteristics of GREAT trainers and assessors
Posted: 23 July 2019

Are you still searching for that ‘perfect job’ or itching to reach a new level of happiness in your working life? Maybe it’s time to start taking notice of just how your personal traits could help you find a career that provides you with an...

100% compliant audit result for Plenty Training!
Posted: 16 March 2018

The vocational education industry regulator, ASQA, reports that only one-quarter of training organisations are found compliant when initially audited: Plenty Training is pleased to be included in this distinguished group, having been deemed fully...

Former students do not need to update their TAE40110 to the TAE40116…!
Posted: 20 October 2017

The revised Standards for RTOs 2015 has changed the minimum qualifications required of trainers and assessors within the vocational education and training sector. The good news for many of our former students is that we incorporated the core unit...

Only 25% of training providers were compliant!
Posted: 27 July 2017

Some interesting statistics were recently presented at the last round of ASQA Training Provider Briefings.  As can be seen from the following slide, only 25% of RTOs and TAFEs were initially found to be compliant against the Standards for...

Academic transcripts now online via the USI
Posted: 27 July 2017

The Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a reference number made up of ten numbers and letters that: Creates a secure online record of a stuident’s recognised training and qualifications gained in Australia, from all training providers....

Survey of business services training across Australia
Posted: 20 July 2017

PwC’s Skills for Australia is seeking industry input in relation to a number of projects being undertaken within the Business Services Training Package. This is an opportunity to provide input into training product development work that will...

New change to minimum trainer and assessor qualifications!
Posted: 20 July 2017

An amendment was recently made to the Standards for RTOs 2015 and has changed the minimum qualifications required of trainers and assessors within the vocational education and training sector: Standard 1.14:  From 1 April 2019, training and...

Why Obtaining a New TAE Qualification Could Further Your Career and Your Bank Balance
Posted: 19 May 2017

Are you finding yourself daydreaming about an exciting new job, more money each week and a rewarding career pathway that can really take you places? The best way to turn these dreams into reality and reach your career goals is to invest in yourself...

Four questions every Project Manager should ask before starting a new project
Posted: 23 July 2015

So, it’s your first solo project or you have just been placed on a project mid-project and you are the lead manager. Where do you start? With questions of course! Four key questions every project manager should ask: 1) What is this project all...

Maintaining and maximising your energy as a trainer
Posted: 07 May 2015

Training can be very taxing on the body and the mind. Let’s face it, as trainers and assessors we often give so much of ourselves to our students that it can be very draining for us. We need to manage our state very effectively if we are going to...

Training for retention and results
Posted: 26 March 2015

Have you ever delivered a training session to a group of students, only to come back the following week and realise they have forgotten everything they learnt? Unfortunately, most trainers don’t realise that the retention of information is the...

Motivation Management 101
Posted: 28 February 2015

Have you ever thought “Oh no, not that class again!”? Or woken up in the morning and dreaded going into your RTO and conducting your next training session or assessments for your students? Let’s face it, motivation for training can fluctuate,...