Building your ideal career with the TAE.

Pave the way to career success with Plenty Training and the TAE40122 qualification.

The Certificate IV in Training & Assessment is more than just a qualification to add to your resume. Your new skills can pave the way to creating your ideal career and set you on the path to success.

Plenty Training works with everyday people who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and want to share these gifts with the world. We leave people feeling empowered and proud of their achievements and help them create a rewarding career that positively impacts every facet of their lives.

Many people, just like you, have spent years developing their skills throughout their careers, and over time, have transformed into experts at what they do. But did you know this is just the beginning? What if we told you that, in fact, you have just taken the first step towards discovering and establishing your ideal career?

We have helped thousands of everyday people not only build their value within their organisation but also increase their personal value and influence to where they can discover their purpose and reach a new level of fulfilment. They have crafted their ideal career thanks to the Cert IV in TAE.

How to establish your ideal career with a new TAE40122 qualification:

How to establish your ideal career with a new TAE40116 qualification:

1. Build your CAPABILITY


DO: As an expert in your role, your ability to do your job is second to none. It is this knowledge and expertise that gives you the foundation to build your ideal capability upon. Understand what it is you have to offer and how you can make a difference to others.

MENTOR: Building on your capability to successfully do your job, you recognise your abilities and put them to use by mentoring others (one-to-one) within the organisation, and you increase your value at the same time.

TRAIN: Your success in doing your role and mentoring others has paved the way for you to train groups of people (one-to-many) which is highly rewarding, both personally and professionally, beyond just your own sphere of influence. The ability to DO, MENTOR and TRAIN has led to you reaching your ideal capability.


2. Build your BUSINESS VALUE


ROLE: As an individual, you excel in your job role. It has become second nature to you. The ability to do your job well is vital to growing your skill set and expanding your business value.

TEAM: As your skills and knowledge increase, you can begin to add value at a team level by passing on your knowledge and expertise to others in your team.

ORGANISATION: Excelling in your job role and passing on your knowledge to your co-workers sees you make an impact at the organisational level. Individuals who influence their organisation are often identified as key personnel and hold incredible value to a business.


3. Build your INFLUENCE


COMMUNICATION: One-to-one communication is how you connect with people’s minds through information, pictures and stories. This is how we can motivate and influence others. Effective communication is a crucial foundation for building your influence.

EXPECTATION:  Setting clear expectations for your training programs is a skill qualified trainers and assessors understand the value of. Clear expectations allow others to hear your message and be influenced by what you have to say.

PRESENTATION: Some of the world’s most influential people are also the world’s best presenters. Your influence can be felt in the classroom, within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) community and beyond. Take your skills to the next level using nationally-recognised training techniques taught in a safe and nurturing environment.


4. Build your PERSONAL VALUE


PERSONAL: Good communication helps you to learn how to build and improve your personal relationships with the people around you. Be proud of your achievements and of the wealth of knowledge you have to pass on to others and recognise the value that sits within you.

ORGANISATION:  As your personal worth grows, so too does your value within your organisation. When you are a strong and confident communicator who understands the worth of what you have to offer, you are adding value to the organisation as your mentor and train those around you.

COMMUNITY: Your ability to help and influence those around you in a positive way can shift the way your wider community sees you. The skills learnt from the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment can flow through to other aspects of life such as family, friendships, sporting teams, or your spiritual community.


Empower your career trajectory with Plenty Training

We have seen firsthand the fantastic influence the Certificate IV in TAE can have on our students. In the words of Plenty graduate Tania Marsh, “I have been able to use what I learnt in that course in every day of my life”. Be empowered to build your ideal career and discover Tania’s story now >>See our Plenty Training Graduate success story.

How to establish your ideal career with a new TAE40116 qualification:

When everyday people are instilled with confidence, they see their place in the world differently. Just like our past graduates, they can take on new challenges, be more courageous, be willing to give more, and as a result, have love and respect for themselves and what they do in their careers. They feel complete.

Plenty Training provides a high-quality environment where people build their ideal career by LEARNING the skills they need, where we can QUALIFY their expertise, and they can ultimately ACHIEVE their goals.

So yes, you may well have started with the goal of simply becoming a qualified trainer, but you will ultimately achieve the skills you need to become a confident individual who can shine brilliance into the world around you. That sounds like an IDEAL CAREER as well as an ideal life to us!