Increase your company’s value with the TAE.


The incredible benefits of external training for individuals or groups within your organisation can often be overlooked or even unknown. 

When considering training for your team, what goals do you have in mind? Long gone are the days of simply ticking a box or spending an allocated training budget.

At Plenty Training, we collaborate with organisations of all sizes to equip their teams with up-to-date and leading Training and Assessment qualifications, setting new standards within their operations. We encourage stakeholders to envision the transformative impact of creating a higher-valued business, nurturing high-value individuals, reducing risk and liability, and making a sustained difference.

Imagine setting something in motion which positively impacts the trajectory of your entire business!

How a TAE Qualification Positively Influences Your Organisation:

Nurture higher valued people

Engagement – High retention – Transferrable skills

  1. Engagement: Empower your team with the tools to share knowledge, fostering increased investment in the business’s success.
  2. Retention: Investing in skill and leadership development encourages growth and loyalty within the organisation.
  3. Transferrable skills: Providing a clear framework for sharing skills elevates overall skill levels, enhancing quality, efficiency, and value.


Build a higher valued business

Quality manuals – Productive team – Learning culture

  1. Quality manuals: Well-structured training contributes to increased quality, effective resources and improved operational procedures.
  2. Productive team: Learning from each other enhances productivity by minimising mistakes and optimising processes.
  3. Learning culture: Instilling a culture of learning in the workplace allows individuals to feel more connected to your materials and culture


Reduce your risk and liability

Compliance – Reduced errors – Management risk

  1. Compliance: Every industry has standards they adhere to whether they are set and enforced by a governing body, or they are guided by competitors. The higher the level of compliance, the higher the standard of internal training or qualifications your team need to reduce potential risk.
  2. Reduced errors: Well-defined structures for skill transfer lead to reduced errors and organisational liability.
  3. Management risk: Ensuring a well-trained team proactively reduces potential liability resulting from team actions.

Make a difference

Confidence – Purpose led – Community

  1. Confidence: Implementing a good structure for team members to share and transfer their skills can help build their confidence. Confident individuals ensure the continual sharing of ideas and skills which are key to the ongoing success of any organisation.
  2. Purpose led: Passing on knowledge and expertise to others reinforces individual’s sense of purpose, leading to a greater sense of fulfillment both personally and professionally.
  3. Community: Think of your organisation as a community. Every community needs leaders, and the individuals who stand at the front of the room training with confidence are often seen as these leaders. Leaders can help to foster an environment where learning is encouraged, structure is clear and valued, and information is clearly and accurately passed on.


Empower your team with Plenty Training

At Plenty Training, we specialise in developing tailored and on-site or remote corporate solutions for your dedicated staff. The outcomes of a TAE course for everyone within the business far exceeds a piece of paper to simply tick a box. 

From nationally-recognised courses including the TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, TAE50122 Diploma of Vocational Education & Training, nationally-recognised Skill Sets and non-accredited training and professional development, discover how organisations across Australia and beyond have benefited from our tailored solutions.

When you set a new standard within your organisation via the TAE, you will have set your business apart from the competition and be on your way to achieving your business goals. Now that you understand the incredible value of Training & Asessment, empower your team with Plenty Training.