What a year it has been!

The rise of e-learning not only around Australia but the entire world has been a necessity that no-one saw coming. Despite the circumstances that brought on this shift in course delivery we have a hunch that e-learning is not going anywhere anytime soon.

As a trainer and assessor in this new environment it is important that your skills are up-to-date ensuring you have the ability to deliver the highest quality training possible, just as your students deserve.

Online learning is an exciting area of the training and assessment field and having the right skills can open doors you didn’t know existed. This is something we have experienced first-hand at Plenty and sharing our experience with you might just give you a little insight into just how you could put e-learning skills into action.

Due to the pandemic, in just a few days our entire suite of TAE courses had to be moved to an online environment in order that our current and new students could continue with their studies. This was just the beginning of our online transformation.

The introduction of live online learning environments that also encompassed practical elements of the course is something we are extremely proud of and something that we continue despite the return of our face-to-face classes.

Our current online offerings now consist of: Our base TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment course and our Distance+ courses which is delivered via self-paced online learning. Flexible online Workshops (fees apply) allowing students to interact with both their fellow students and their trainer throughout the class. Plus, they even get to draft some assessments online! Interactive iClasses+ that provide students the opportunity to complete practical elements of their course such as major presentations and the TAEASS413 Participate in assessment validation unit via the online Adobe Connect platform.

So just what doors could this open for you?

Just some of the fantastic e-learning activities that you could tackle just from looking at an RTO like Plenty Training include:

  • Interactive online learning platforms delivering unit theory to students.
  • Developing online recordings available for students 24/7.
  • Facilitating online workshops where students can interact with each other via an online learning platform.
  • Designing e-learning resources.

Whether you are looking to make a difference in the lives of students who rely on online learning to get ahead, or you are looking to tap into this in-demand facet of training there is a Skill Set that can help you get ahead. The TAESS00023 Online learning and assessment Skill Set addresses the skills and knowledge required to plan, organise and facilitate online learning and assess competence in an online environment. It is a fantastic option for individuals who are seeking to gain new and in demand online learning skills. If this sounds like you be sure to check out our dedicated TAESS00023 Online learning and assessment Skill Set page to find out all about this exciting course.