Senior Environmental Health & Safety Specialist

Muhammad Ahmed

"The best value for money is not the certificate that I got, but the skills that I really learned"


Meet Muhammad.

As a Senior Environmental Health and Safety Specialist at BASF Australia, Muhammad holds the crucial role of ensuring the safety of the team.

Since graduating as a Chemical Engineer, Muhammad made the journey to Australia and has been working for multinational companies ever since.

One of Muhammad’s primary roles is to equip people through training, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to not hurt themselves and those around them.

An incredible part of Muhammad’s position is contributing to the decline of safety hazards. A decline in safety hazards results in fewer injuries and deaths in the workplace which is an amazing achievement and immense responsibility. It’s remarkable how the successful transfer of knowledge can improve workplace standards and have such a positive impact when put into action.

Not all incidents can be avoided, and unfortunately there are occasions when industrial activities can result in death. The importance of Muhammad’s role is evident as he reflects on the feeling of being able to do more when it is his primary role to protect people.

Muhammad takes his role as a Safety Specialist seriously and identified his training skills were one area that could use some polishing up. Attaining the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment was more than just ticking a box for compliance for Muhammad, the skills he learned carried far greater value.

The Certificate IV in Training & Assessment is a great fit for anyone eager to continuously improve and evolve along their lifelong learning journey. Take Muhammad’s advice! Anyone who stops learning begins walking the path towards becoming outdated.

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