Mental Illness First Aid Trainer

Heather Smith

"Learning how to deliver information in a sensible way has helped me to help other people save lives"


Meet Heather.

As the owner operator of Step by Step Training, Heather has been empowering people and workplaces through the Mental Health First Aid course.

A fascinating career journey led Heather to where she is today. Heather’s journey began when she served in the Royal Australian Airforce for nine years, she then moved into primary and high school teaching, transitioned into remedial massage therapy and then into teaching first aid.

First aid sparked a passion in Heather, and she made the decision to “spread the love” which has resulted in her seeing amazing progress in the adults she has taught.

The TAE has been crucial to Heather’s success as learning how to deliver information in a sensible way has helped her to help other people save lives. It’s inspiring to see what the TAE can help people to achieve.

Not only is Heather making a real difference in the lives of others, but the course has opened doorways in her own confidence and provided her with a career of flexibility where she can work the hours that she wants, doing the courses she wants to do.

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