E-Learning Designer

Mohamed Elhammamy

"I wouldn’t have the confidence to apply for those opportunities without the Diploma"


Meet Moh.

As part of the team at Uniting Victoria Tasmania, Moh has continued to pursue his career in the training and assessment industry as an E-learning Designer and Learning Management System Administrator.

Before moving to Australia, Moh’s journey, like many of our students, began a long way from the training and assessment field. The first step of Moh’s exciting career began when he was travelling around the country selling high-tech equipment at construction sites.

Moh’s passion for training was ignited when he needed to pass on his knowledge and expertise to the individuals who would be using the high-tech equipment they had purchased from him.

A move to Australia encouraged Moh to get qualified and gain an understanding of the Australian market to accompany the overseas experience he already brought to the table.

With a goal of setting himself apart from others in the industry, Moh made the decision to upskill with the TAE Diploma. The Diploma opened Moh’s eyes to see the scope of training is not about you as a trainer, but about the audience. It is understanding like this that makes Moh a great trainer!

Moh’s ritual of celebrating every milestone aligns perfectly with the Plenty Training values. We encourage all our students to follow in Moh’s footsteps and celebrate each win throughout their studies.

Excitingly, the doors to two opportunities were opened to Moh once he gained his qualification. The Diploma not only provided Moh with the skill set he needed to open doors in his career, but the confidence to step through them.

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