Are you finding yourself daydreaming about an exciting new job, more money each week and a rewarding career pathway that can really take you places? The best way to turn these dreams into reality and reach your career goals is to invest in yourself with a brand new qualification.

Here at Plenty Training we specialise in providing high-quality TAE courses to suit your needs regardless of whether you are looking to get your foot in the door as a new trainer and assessor, are eager to step up a pay grade within the industry, or are ready to move into a senior position within the industry.

People who choose to invest in training back themselves 100% and prospective employers are impressed by that. It shows you are committed to your chosen industry as well as your own professional development. Your desire to succeed and ambition to forge ahead in your career demonstrates a drive and initiative that is, not only useful for you in terms of successfully completing your studies, but these are also highly sought after traits in the corporate world.

The training and assessment industry is highly regulated and holding a specific qualification does a lot more than show your commitment to the industry. Holding a relevant TAE qualification is often a requirement to even be considered for a job, and there are even specific units such as the TAERES511 Apply research to training and assessment practice which can be a prerequisite to stepping up a pay grade.

Skilled staff are in high demand among employers and obtaining a qualification will give you the competitive advantage you need to compete for top quality jobs in today’s economy. Keep in mind Plenty Training’s TAE courses are designed to help Australia’s emerging and experienced trainers and assessors keep up with industry trends and ensure that students are prepared with the courses and units they need to improve their career prospects. The one thing you can expect is that, by investing in your TAE education your pay and job prospects are likely to increase overtime rather than if you were to simply sit back and do nothing. When you choose an educational pathway, you choose to obtain the career you want step by step, at your own pace, and in tempo with your own life.  With flexible study options and positive outcomes such as enhancing career prospects and increasing income, the decision to enrol in a Single unit, TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment or TAE50122 Diploma of Vocational Education & Training is a fairly easy one to make.