Six questions to ask a prospective TAE40122 training provider

The TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment has strict assessment tasks that you must complete before you can be awarded the qualification. Although all TAE40122 training providers must ensure they assess students against these criterion, how they accomplish this can differ tremendously. Established and reputable training organisations will have structured their classes and real-time support to provide their students with a seamless learning journey.

I have to hold a planning meeting with a validation team of two others which must be conducted live with a suitably qualified TAE Assessor (TAE Diploma or higher) to lead the validations for unit TAEASS413. How will you help me with this?

If they require YOU to organise a qualified workplace assessor and do it in your own time, you might want to consider an alternative training provider! Plenty Training includes this task within our Blended+ and iClass+ pathways and all Distance+ course students have complimentary access to a one-day online workshop to complete this task.

The practical element of unit TAEDEL411 requires me to deliver two sets of face-to-face, in-person training programs covering three sessions for group training and two sessions for individual training. How will you help me with this?

Steer clear of providers who don’t specify this activity must be conducted face-to-face and in-person. This activity can NOT be conducted via an online platform such as Zoom. Plenty Training includes these delivery sessions in our Blended+ pathway. All iClass+ and Distance+ course students can attend an optional three-day face-to-face workshop to complete their delivery (additional fees apply).

Do you require me to undertake vocational placement (such as within another training company) to be awarded the qualification?

If they do, they haven’t designed thorough in-class assessment opportunities, and you may want to consider another training provider! Plenty Training’s students can complete the more complex assessment tasks in class. Distance+ students are also afforded the opportunity to attend a special workshop focused purely on the assessment tasks.

Do you require me to be employed by a real training organisation or have access to a training organisation’s internal systems to be awarded the qualification?

If they do, they haven’t designed suitable in-class assessment opportunities, and you may want to consider another training provider! Plenty Training provides access to all resources and support that simulate an RTO’s operations, so there’s no need for our students to attempt to find another training provider who is willing to give you access to their systems and students.

With online learning becoming so prevelant in the VET sector recently, how will you help me prepare to train online?

Online learning is incredibly important in today’s education landscape and emerging from the TAE40122 course as a well-rounded trainer is vital. If another provider has neglected to adequately address online learning and assessment in their course we suggest you seek another provider. Plenty Training has included the units TAEDEL405 and TAEASS404 as part of our standard course to set our students up for success in both face-to-face and online training environments.

As part of the TAE40122 course I need to deliver a number of individual and group sessions to others. How will you help me to deliver these sessions in a way where I am addressing various requirements from within a range of units to reduce my workload?

To successfully complete the TAE40122 course you are required to deliver a number of individual and group sessions. If you are not provided with clear direction on how to integrate these assessments consider another provider. Plenty Training’s Blended+ and iClass+ course students enjoy a planning day as part of their classes where students will discover how to integrate their assessment activities and complete their course in a more streamlined way.