As a valued Plenty Training student, you are required to complete the TAEASS402 Assess Competence unit as part of your studies.

The TAEASS402 Assess Competence unit includes a stringent practical assessment item which requires students to conduct five independent assessments under the supervision of a qualified assessor.

As a Plenty Training Virtual+ Class or Distance+ course student, you have the opportunity to attend a one-day interactive Virtual+ workshop (included in your course fees) covering the practical elements of this unit.

Students are also able to complete this activity independently or in a workplace if they meet the pre-requisites. You can view the pre-requisites for this unit on the TAE40116 course page HERE.

What to expect from our one-day virtual workshop

Our one-day Virtual+ workshop is delivered via the innovative Adobe Connect platform. Sessions will run from 9am – 5pm and will be facilitated by an expert Plenty Training trainer and assessor.

Thanks to the Adobe Connect platform students are able to complete assessment activities under the direct supervision of their assessor.

A small time at the beginning of the session will recap the unit theory, however the completion of the practical task is the focus of this workshop. All sessions will begin in the main meeting room. This is where participants will meet their trainer at the start of their session. You will usually not be able to see your fellow participants at this point, but rest assured, they will all be there and ready to get started.

One of the fantastic features about the Adobe Connect platform is the ability to move into breakout rooms. These virtual breakout rooms are where students will spend much of the day. You will be paired with another student who is also completing the assessment activity and your trainer will be able to monitor your session. Throughout the day you will complete this activity five times, with five different individuals to meet the requirements of the unit – a little bit like speed dating!

You don’t need to be an Adobe Connect wizard to attend these sessions. One of our trainers will be in control of the session making sure you are where you need to be at all times.

To attend this session you will need to have access to a computer with a good internet connection, webcam and audio functionality.

When should you book for our one-day TAEASS402 workshop?

We strongly recommend that at minimum, students have viewed the live or recorded webinars for the units TAEASS401 Plan Assessment Activities and Processes, TAEASS403 Participate in Assessment Validation and TAEASS402 Assess Competence units. By viewing the webinars for these units you will gain an understanding of the foundational knowledge surrounding the assessment process.

View our TAEASS402 Assess Competence Virtual+ workshop schedule HERE.

How to book your seat

To book your spot in our TAEASS402 Assess Competence one-day Virtual+ class workshop please email [email protected] and one of our team will be in touch.
Seats in these sessions are limited to ensure the best possible experience for our students. Please note a cancellation fee of $150 is payable if you cancel within two weeks of your one-day workshop date.