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Special needs

Prospective students who have special or unique needs in any of the following areas must not enrol online and should telephone the office to determine their suitability for training and their access to the available support options:

  1. Significant language, literacy or numeracy (LLN) deficiency that would prevent participation and completion of the course.
  2. Recognised difficulties in studying and learning.
  3. Restrictive work hours which would prevent you attending training during Monday to Friday.
  4. Poor English speaking and listening ability.
  5. Financial difficulties that prevent the full payment of fees in advance.
  6. Suffering from a nervous / anxiety disorder.
  7. Inadequate clothing to participate in training.
  8. Require counselling support and advice about your personal situation.
  9. A disability or medical condition.
  10. Visual, hearing or speech impairment.

Available support options are detailed in section 9 of our Student Guide.