Will you teach me how to use a specific online learning platform?
This Skill Set is designed to teach students online learning skills rather than how to use and design learning programs in one specific platform.

What online learning platform do you use to facilitate this training?
We use the innovative Adobe Connect platform to deliver not only training for this Skill Set but all of our online classes due to its interactive and user-friendly nature. You will also access your learning resources and assessment materials through your Learner Portal which is aXcelerate.

Do I need to purchase any online learning software to complete the assessments included in this Skill Set?
No. You are able to complete your assessments using free platforms such as Zoom. If there is a specific online learning platform that you wish to use you may purchase this at your own expense.

What online learning experience will my trainer have?
Our qualified trainers have a wealth of experience in delivering interactive online training to groups of students as this is a component in many of our TAE courses. Online learning has become an integral part of being a trainer and assessor regardless of the industry you are in! Our lead trainer David Murray has facilitated online learning programs using Adobe Connect, Teams, Goto Webinar, Zoom and Webex over the last 12 months alone and over ten years has seen so many changes to online learning – for the better!

Are the live practical sessions compulsory as a Virtual+ Class student?
The live practical sessions are not compulsory, however we highly recommend that all students do attend as least one session. These sessions provide a hands-on learning environment where you can network with other students which is an invaluable resource to take advantage of.

How long will it take me to complete the Skill Set?
Students have up to 12 months to complete this course and the time that it takes will differ depending on your individual circumstances.

Do I need to have access to other learners to complete this Skill Set?
You will definitely need to have others involved but you can use colleagues or fellow students. You will need at least two people to be your learners for your online program as well as people to trial and provide feedback on your resources. You do not have to be formally working in an RTO or a training role to complete this Skill Set. Students have found our Virtual+ Classes a great way to meet their fellow students and build those bonds to help each other complete these tasks.

I have lots of experience with online learning. What are my options?
You may be eligible for our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) pathway. It is free to check your eligibility via our online form. You can check your eligibility for this pathway HERE.