Are you still searching for that ‘perfect job’ or itching to reach a new level of happiness in your working life? Maybe it’s time to start taking notice of just how your personal traits could help you find a career that provides you with an increase in job satisfaction?

Well, here at Plenty Training we have identified six characteristics that we believe attribute to making a great trainer and assessor. If you feel like any of these characteristics sound like you, training and assessing may just be your calling!

1. You are knowledgeable in your field

So you’ve been in your industry for a while now, and you have a wealth of knowledge and experience that newcomers in the industry would kill for! The next step is to ‘get off the tools’, transition into the next phase of your career and become a qualified trainer and assessor! If you choose to take this exciting next step, not only will you be extending your professional development, but you will have the opportunity to pass on your skills to upcoming industry professionals who are keen to kick-start their career, or simply just looking to better their current skills.

2. You are a strong decision maker

When there is a tough decision to be made, are you the one who rises to the occasion and takes charge? The ability to make decisions under pressure is often a characteristic found in successful leaders.

Trainers and assessors are constantly balancing students from a wide range of backgrounds, personalities and learning styles in the classroom as well as during the assessment process. Whether making a quick decision in the classroom in front of students or making a tough call when it comes to their assessment, making strong decisions is fundamental.

3. You are compassionate and caring

You have a passion for people and always have their best interests at heart. It can be a very stressful time for students when they are undertaking a qualification, no matter what level they are at. Having a compassionate and caring trainer and assessor in their corner can make the world of difference. Offering a safe and nurturing training environment helps cater to all learning types and can instantly relax any students who may be struggling.

4. You are an innovative thinker

You are always looking for fresh and forward-thinking ways to complete any task. As a trainer and assessor, thinking outside of the box can inspire students to do great things as well as become more innovative themselves. Being inventive and resourceful can add an extra edge to your role as a trainer and assessor, however you can also make your mark on the industry as a whole. Innovative thinking can translate into more engaged students, improving provider processes, and shifting thoughts and practices within the industry.

5. You are highly adaptable

No matter what curveballs are thrown your way, you can adapt and make sure you get the job done. A training and assessment environment is never exactly the same twice. Each time you step into the classroom you can be presented with brand new challenges and tricky questions. How information is delivered is key to success in the training and assessing field, and being able to adapt to the students needs goes hand-in-hand. Adapting your teaching style, adapting to a new teaching environment, or being adaptable in an ever changing industry is imperative to not only your success as a trainer, but the success of your students.

6. You instil confidence in those around you

Making those around you feel a million bucks is something you strive to do in your day-to-day interactions. Adults returning to a learning environment may be feeling uneasy or have reservations about being a student again. In this situation, having a trainer and assessor who is easy to connect with and instantly diminishes any doubts or worries is a vital element to the success of students. Being able to inspire confidence in students to do their best is imperative to their overall experience.

Are any of these characteristics resonating with you right now?

Whether this has given you the validation you needed to take that exciting new step towards becoming a trainer and assessor, or has ignited a spark that was not there before, it’s definitely worth investigating if transitioning into the role of trainer and assessor is the next step for you.