TAE40116 Teacher's RPL+ Gap Training Pathway - Eligibility form

This form is used to make an initial eligibility determination for the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment via the Teachers' RPL and Gap training pathway. 

This pathway is suitable for those who have worked in the last two years as a qualified teacher, as a lecturer within higher education or as an enterprise trainer. This pathway is based upon recognition of prior learning (RPL) for suitably experienced training facilitators, plus gap unit training delivered via face-to-face class or via live and interactive webinars. 

NOTE: This form is NOT the full RPL component of this pathway. The full RPL process will be undertaken once you are enrolled and have full access to the RPL kit and course materials. 


If you have not worked as a qualified teacher, as a lecturer within higher education or as en enterprise trainer, within the last two years, you will not be eligible for this pathway.  Please click here to read more about our TAE40116 pathways or call us on 1800 786 651 to discuss how we can assist you further. 


Vocational competency is broad industry knowledge and experience and may include holding a relevant unit of competency or qualification, or extensive experience in the field. For example, theatre production, hairdressing, WHS, etc.

Teaching practices must have been observed within the last two years.



RPL is not automatically granted for these two units. There is a requirement to complete short answer questions and provide evidence. Some of these questions will relate to Adult Learning Theories and Principles and may require some research.

To be eligible for this RPL pathway, you must have experience in ALL of the below requirements:

facilitated group-based learning by preparing session plans and delivering at least three training sessions *
delivered at least two consecutive training sessions of at least 40 minutes duration each *
delivered training sessions that follow a learning program, to learner groups of at least eight individuals *
identified and responded to individual needs *
accessed and used documented resources and any support personnel required to guide inclusive practices *


RPL is not automatically granted for this unit. There is a requirement to complete short answer questions and provide evidence. Some of these questions will relate to Adult Learning Theories and Principles as well as planning and facilitating workplace learning. The short answer questions may require some research.

RPL for this unit is typically suitable for teachers who have supervised, mentored or coached student teachers or for those who have undertaken other formal work-based coaching or mentoring. If RPL is not suitable, you may instead elect to attend a Virtual+ class webinar covering this unit. If you do not have the required experience, knowledge and skills for all points below, you will be automatically enrolled into the Virtual+ class for this unit. 

developed and documented at least two formal work-based learning pathways (e.g. for student teachers in a school environment)? *
conducted a workplace learning facilitation relationship (e.g. as an instructor, coach or mentor) with at least two individuals? *

My two formal work-based learning pathways that I have developed and documented include identifying learning needs;  analysing work practices, work environment and work activities;  organising and allocating work in a way that reflects learning needs and providing effective learning opportunities through work processes.

hazards relating to the industry and specific workplace *
reporting requirements for hazards and incidents *
specific procedures for work tasks *
safe use and maintenance of relevant equipment *
emergency procedures and sources of WHS information *
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